Val Serrant

Val Serrant teaches an Annual Six-week Course, as part of UC Berkeley Music Department’s, Caribbean Musics Program. Val, as a member of Vox Mundi Project’s “Annual Summer Retreat” at Pema Osel Ling, always visits the Sacred ”STUPAS”, Namdrol Pemay Gatsal, there….to be replenished.

He is a founding-member of Oakland’s Afrika Heartbeat and Co-Producer with Grammy-Award Winner *Sikiru Adepoju, of their CD: IJINLE ILU {“Original Drumming”} …recorded in Ghana, West Afrika, and Alameda, California.

Val is currently seeking Grants, to facilitate his presenting “From Drum To Steeldrum” in schools especially, throughout California & other States. K.A.I.S.O.!  (Keep Arts In Schools-O!) is the title of this ongoing project supported by his Fiscal Sponsor the KEMET FOUNDATION, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

See more about Val Serrant at: Atunbi, Avotcja, and the Vox Mundi Project

☏ tel: (510) 343-1895

Recorded live during “Remembering Michael Knapp (1954-2012)” at the Community Music Center, San Francisco – August 27, 2012 Family, friends and colleagues gathered to share stories, offer prayers and music for a wonderful soul who touched the lives of thousands. Val Serrant being one of those who offered.

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