Joss Jaffe

Joss Jaffe began playing guitar and writing songs at age 9. Introduced to the music of India through the chanting of his parents and their meditation teacher Baba Muktananda, he began studying tabla, sarode & vocal from Montino Bourbon at 15, & later, Ali Akbar Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri & Zakir Hussain. Joss has accompanied Jai Uttal, Steve Kimock, Alex Grey, Rachel Brice, Silvia Nakkach & Shimshai.

Joss Jaffe sings sanskrit mantras set to danceable reggae rhythms from his newly released album ‘Dub Mantra.’  Joss has performed extensively in the world of kirtan and yoga music, accompanying numerous of the most popular artists today including Jai Uttal, Dave

Stringer, Suzanne Sterling, Jaya Lakshmi, C.C. White, Shimshai and many others on tabla, percussion, bass and vocals. Joss has trained classically at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, taking his first class from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in 1997. His latest offering, ‘Dub Mantra,’ merges Sanskrit mantras and reggae rhythms and has been critically acclaimed in LA Yoga Magazine and other publications.

“Mesmerizing and uplifting aspects of Sanskrit chant laid over hypnotic beats . . . ‘Dub Mantra,’ the latest release from Oakland-based Joss Jaffe is an insightful exploration into the many ways these musical worlds can overlap.” – LA YOGA

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